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  • DevFlow

    My Educational Development Brand

    Because of the struggle of landing a job in the web development industry, I thought why don't I try and express myself and teach people programming. So I thought of different ways to approach what I want to do and I have finally found a way to produce content and a way to advertise and market my brand. I thought it was best to create a website that would have the intention for actual real world use by using the Headless CMS, SanityIO to process the different videos I will produce and create post everytime I have a new video or course up. I want to apply and use this to feature other interesting things in my life such as fitness and fishkeeping. The JAMStack project was done with NextJS, TailwindCSS, Styled Components and SanityIO.

    Github Website
  • Cangrid

    JAMStack Social Media Photo Gallery

    A JAMStack project using NextJS and Firebase that will allow users to upload their photos to a universal gallery and share with others (the main page) and have a private gallery for their own uploads and everyone view it by a dynamic subdomain. Uploads are only processed by logging in and authenticating via Google. Users are also able to view individual upload and do the following: like, comment, read caption, view tags, read comments and read the exif meta data that comes from the uploaded image. The application is essentially a full fledged social media platform that allows users to share photos however the please. Please give my application a try. NEW ADDITIONS: Like Button, Night Mode, Mobile Styling

    Github Demo
  • MaxReps

    Fitness Tracker Start Up

    My feature project that I wish to build as my skills grow. MaxReps is a MERN stack web application that is meant to help fitness enthusiast to record their fitness goals while in the gym. Users are able to create an account, login, and view their workouts that they recorded by date. Please feel free to try out the application. If you don't want to create an account, here is a test account you can use.
    Email: [email protected]
    Password: 123

    Github Demo
  • Tea Era

    Nucamp Bootcamp Personal Project

    A personal project for an imaginary tea shop to use the skills we acquired during the bootcamp. With the demo in the link below, includes the use of many Bootstrap elements along with React, React Strap and Animations. In the bootcamp, we were also taught to tranform our current application and make it a mobile application using React Native.

    Github Demo
  • Quark

    Particle Engine for Language Quorum

    Quark is a particle engine/library that I helped create with a few peers for our University's Engineering Senior Design competition. We were tasked to create a particle engine with our professors Evidence based language Quorum. Basically everything from scratch except the objects used, we created a functional library with particle and particle emitter properites and a particle editor that creates and saves properties of a particle via JSON. Unfortunately, we did not win the competition we did get approved to include the library to our professor's language.

    Github Video Demo
  • Theory of Practical Gaming

    e-Sports Gaming Organization

    A NextJS project that shows off my UI Design ability and my ability to transform an idea into a reality. This is one of many mock ups of a design for the esports organization I wanted to start a while back with friends. It features many interesting things about the company, the teams, an ecommerce section to sell merch and a partnership page to allow applications to join the team. The website is still a work in progress but will soon be live and will be used officially for the TPG website.

    Github Demo
  • Netflix Clone

    Netflix Clone

    A ReactJS, Redux, and Firebase project that resembles everyones favorite movie streaming service Netflix. The app is part of a course to learn and produce full scale applications with a front end element of react, redux with managing user data, firebase for backend and deployment. Obviously, it will not have video playback functionality but it behaves like Netflix's official website.

    Github Demo
  • Airbnb

    Airbnb Clone with SanityIO, NextJS and GoogleMapsAPI

    My first JAMStack approach. Project was a lot of fun trying to work with a powerful headless CMS other than Wordpress. I got to use NextJS, framework I'm really starting to get used to for such a unique build. All elements were planned based on how the data is structured in the sanity studio by creating schemas. From there, I created the front end and developed the elements that make the icon Airbnb loadout with a cluster map with the help of the Google Maps API

    Github Demo Sanity.io Dashboard
  • LinkUP

    WhatsApp Clone

    A NextJS/Firebase project that allows users who log in using their Google accounts can instant message other users who log in using google. First time approaching a project using NextJS and Firebase. I learned a lot and can continue to improve aspects of the app. There's a lot of room to turn the project into a full fledge everyday public application.

    Github Demo
  • Blackjack

    Blackjack with interactive JS elements

    Project was primarily done with Javascript and lacked reponsiveness throughout the application. Game is fully functional with rematch capabilities, score counter, hand count, and all Blackjack functionalities. Game is fair with every game starting with a newly shuffled deck. Currently remaking this game with ReactJS.

    Github Demo



    Web Developer/Manager

    Designing responsive and optimized web pages and scripts. Work with the marketing team to incorporate elements to improve sales and customer engagement on website. Mentor and collaborate with part-time web developers. Handle various projects for the company’s other websites.

  • Nucamp Bootcamp

    Full Stack Developer Student

    Nucamp Bootcamp's Full Stack Web Development Course for Bootstrap, React, React Native, NodeJS, ExpressJS and MongoDB.

    Certificate of Completion Here
  • RoyaltyBusayo

    Front End Developer Intern

    Real world instructions and independant work

  • University of Nevada Las Vegas

    Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

    Valued important Object oriented techniques, understood the foundations of Computer Science, collaborated with peers in semester long projects, studied three dimensional graphical theories and artifical intelligence and practiced C++, C# and Java.

  • Rue21

    Sales Associate/Part-Time Assistant Store Manager/Stock Manager

    Overviewed and lead the team with quality service and friendly interactions.

  • Banana Republic

    Brand Ambassador/Stock Associate

    Lead stock team with shippment and processed inventory.

  • Cheyenne High School

    Honors Graduate

    Built a foundaiton of Computer Science with entry level class and the following year was introduced with graphical uses and took on the AP exam.

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